PacificVis 2022

PacificVis 2022

Welcome to the 15th IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium! PacificVis 2022 is planned to be held during April 11, 2022 through April 14, 2022 at Tsukuba Center for Institutes, Japan. We are preparing for a hybrid format, but depending on the situation of COVID-19, we may move to full-online.

Visualization has become an increasingly important research area due to its wide range of applications in many disciplines. PacificVis is an IEEE sponsored international visualization symposium held in the Asia-Pacific region, with the objective to foster greater exchange between visualization researchers and practitioners, and to draw more researchers in the Asia-Pacific region to enter this rapidly growing area of research.

PacificVis is a unified visualization symposium, welcoming all areas of visualization research such as: information visualization, scientific visualization, graph and network visualization, visual analytics, and specific applications such as (but not limited to) security-, software- and bio-visualization. Authors are invited to submit original and unpublished research and application papers in all areas of visualization. We encourage papers in any new, novel, and exciting research area that pertains to visualization.

Conference Committees

General Conference Chair

Kazuo Misue
University of Tsukuba

Organizing Chair

Naohisa Sakamoto
Kobe University

Papers Chairs

Nan Cao
Tongji University, China

Timo Ropinski
Ulm University, Germany

Jian Zhao
University of Waterloo, Canada

VisNotes Chairs

Steffen Frey
University of Groningen, Netherlands

Bum Chul Kwon
IBM Research, United States

Wenwen Dou
University of North Carolina at Charlotte, United States

Posters Chairs

Siming Chen
Fudan University, China

Hiroaki Natsukawa
Kyoto University, Japan

Visual Storytelling Contest Chairs

Yoon Chung Han
San Jose State University, USA

Nam Wook Kim
Boston College, USA

Visualization Meets AI Workshop Chairs

Takanori Fujiwara
University of California at Davis

Junpeng Wang
Visa Research

Registration Chair

Yuki Igarashi
Meiji University

Local Arrangements Co-chairs

Ikkaku Kawaguchi
University of Tsukuba

Takao Ito
SoftEther Corporation

Online Systems Co-chairs

Masahiko Itoh
Hokkaido Information University

Yu Suzuki
Miyagi University

Financial Chair

Yuriko Takeshima
Tokyo University of Technology

Publication Chair

Jorji Nonaka

Publicity Co-chairs

Ken Wakita
Tokyo Institute of Technology

Hsiang-Yun Wu
St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences


Koji Koyamada
Kyoto University

Issei Fujishiro
Keio University

Takayuki Itoh
Ochanomizu University


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